Saturday, March 7, 2015

Success Story: Why facebook succeeded?

There was a time in the history of mankind when people hadn’t had any means of communication like the telephones, internet or tv. They used to visit their relatives for knowing their well-being on foot. They hadn’t had the means of transportation too which have become a necessity today. So, they used to walk long distances, used the animals as the means of transport or, in extreme instances, used bicycles.
But today, the trend is changed. Now, we don’t talk about means of transport, but, the ‘cc‘ of the engines used, we don’t talk about the means of communication, but, the device you use: an iPhone, a nexus or a Blackberry! Time has changed drastically, indeed. Over the years, introduction of Internet and its growth has changed the definition of communication completely. Now, we have Google’s Street View which provide lets you wander in the city in which you are not present physically. We have Google Hangouts which lets many people talk face to face when all of them are at different places. We have Skype which is making both: Audio & Video calling easy as we are ‘Making Education Easy’ (EasyEdu). We have omegle which lets us talk to strangers.
Isn’t there one name missing? Yes, it certainly is! It is the Social Networking website: facebook. Every 7th human is on facebook. On an average if one spends 7 minutes on facebook, then, out of those 7 minutes, in general, facebook will be used for 3 minutes. Such is the popularity of this Social networking site that after it’s launch on February 4, 2004, it hasn’t looked back since. Talking about the means of communication, it provides: chat facility, audio & video call facility, keep all your friends in your touch, keeps you updated on what your friends are doing. It is an excellent platform for advertisers too, which is seen as an opportunity by facebook to mint some revenues. Facebook’s success story is amazing to read and astonishing to believe.
Keeping itself in motion and changing with and in accordance with the changing time is the key behind the success of facebook.
The success of facebook is because of the fact that it is improving day by day. From what it was at the time of its launch: ‘TheFacebook’ and what it is today, there is a huge difference in both. Everytime you log in to your profile on facebook you will see something new on the website, for instance, the new timeline, on which facebook is working these days.
So, keeping itself in motion and changing with time and in accordance with the changing time is the key behind the success of facebook. Please share your responses as comments below. Don’t be shy in sharing this article on your Social Network..:)

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