Saturday, February 21, 2015

Game of Cricket: ‘Cricket’ Weds ‘Fixing’ | Venue: IPL

 Cricket in India is like Potato in a Samosa. Integral part, I mean! We Indians love this game of Cricket. We watch it on TV, travel all the way to the stadium to watch the real action, play it ourselves and 'write articles on it too' (hope you understood..:)..)! When a crucial match like an India vs Pakistan game goes live, the streets, the markets, the roads and the time stands still. It seems like curfew is imposed in the city. Such is our enthusiasm for this great game.
Cricket in recent years has changed significantly. New rules implemented, new format introduced (T20) and the all new form of cricket, that is, IPL Cricket invented. Indian Premier League is certainly one concept which has revolutionized Cricket. With the huge money inflows, glamour spice, privately owned teams and the controversies associated, Cricket is given a completely new meaning which was earlier thought be a 'Gentlemen's Game'. IPL is a positive when we talk about:
  • More number of Indian players getting the chance to play at the highest level
  • Higher payments to the players
  • Exposure to the youngsters
  • Experience the young Indian Players gain by playing with the legends
  • More and more Cricket offering to the fans
But, at the same time there are a few points which make us feel bad to such an extent that we start thinking 'the IPL should be stopped'. These points are:
  • The late night IPL after match parties
  • The cheerleaders illogical integration
  • More than sufficient amounts paid to the players
  • Changes which are coming in the mentality of the players. They now prefer IPL over National Team
  • Controversies which are hurting the fans
Talking about controversies, IPL, right from its origin, has been in controversies. And the recent, Spot-fixing controversy is the worst one. Players are getting huge bucks as payments, but, still they want more. This is bad; really, very bad! Three players: S Sreesanth, A Chandila, A Chavan were caught by Delhi Police with serious allegations imposed on them. The case is currently in court. But, what question fans ask themselves after seeing such incidents is, 'What are we watching on TV? A game or a reality show (which is not that real as the name suggest, by the way)?'
All the controversies are done and dusted for this season. What next? Shouldn't something be done to prevent such controversies from taking place again? Shouldn't the BCCI be taking the steps to forbid this from happening again? The BCCI should, simple as that! Well, the good news is that some steps are already taken. From Next year, cheerleaders, time-outs, after-match parties will not be a part of the game. Well, these never supposed to be a part of the Gentleman's Game, by the way!

May this Great Game of Cricket find the Gentlemen it was known for. Amen!

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