Saturday, March 29, 2014

EasyQuest: How to build Interview Skills?

The goal in front of an engineering graduate is not to get good marks in the degree, not to acquire the knowledge, not to step into the field of research, but, to ensure one thing: Get a Job & a handsome salary. Isn’t it guys? All of you will agree on this, I hope! And, why not? This can very well be the turning point in your career. In this post, I will describe, ‘How to build Interview Skills?’

I have heard lots and lots of my colleagues discussing amongst themselves, ‘How to prepare, What to prepare, When to prepare for a Job interview?’ Some say: Getting a job is ‘Luck by Chance’. Maybe you have the same opinion too. But, mind you guys, this is more of a superstition than an opinion. Below is a list of Do’s which you should follow religiously for any number of job interviews you are sitting in.

  1. First thing first! Make your mind and introspect yourself. Ask yourself what you want to do and what career path is going to be helpful for you. Your seniors are the most important guys in giving you ideas.
  2. Second thing is to start working on your future course of action. Start preparing the subjects which are necessary for the field chosen. For instance, if you are want to pursue a career in Design Engineering, you should start preparing Engineering Drawing, Machine Design, Strength of Materials etc.
  3. Choose the companies rather than going for hit & trials. Make your domain and set your target. You should have the confidence on your ability that you will get success in getting hired in one of the chosen companies.
  4. Don’t make your dream too impractical too. Always keep some factor of safety as we call it in Mechanical.
  5. Preparing for the domain is one thing and preparing for a specific company is another. When you get to know about the date of company interview start reading about the company. Company’s history, net profits in recent years, recent acquiring and the work company do.
  6. Reading the subjects related to company’s profile should be your utmost priority. And don’t go for cramming the things as company people don’t want to check your memory but your concepts.
  7. Some students fear aptitude section of company papers. For them, I will suggest a very good book in R.S.Aggarwal for Aptitude.
  8. That’s all! You are prepared now. Have confidence on your ability, give your best show.

All the best!

Do it accordingly and there is no one in this world who can stop you from getting the best results for you.

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