Saturday, January 5, 2013

EasyHow: How to prepare for Entrance Exam?

One of the toughest question before any student is: ‘How to prepare for Entrance Exam?’ Indeed, it is a tough question to answer and to start preparing for the exam is even tougher. There are many questions which the aspirants want answers of, which are:
1.      When to start preparing for the Exam?
2.      Whether to go for Coaching or to rely on self-study?
3.      What books to purchase or to go for notes?
4.      How to schedule the preparation?
5.      How to make the time-table?
6.      Whether to go for the full coaching course or the postal test series & study material only?
7.      Which magazines and assisting books should be consulted?
8.      How to talk to or know about the experiences of the past aspirants and the successful ones?
For a start, you should have a specific target. This the most crucial part because it is going to decide the future course of action of yours. The dedication, determination, hard-work and concentration will come only after you have a goal to achieve. The steps to take for preparation for an entrance exam are:
1.      Set a Goal: This is the obvious part, because, if you don’t have one, you are shooting in the dark.
2.      Get the Exam details: Go through the internet or any handbook which you will get on a book store for the beginning. You must know each and everything about the exam right from the Eligibility criterion, your competition, future trends, implication of various institutions. Consult your seniors, read interviews of the toppers and go through the internet too.
3.      Acquire Syllabus: Getting syllabus for the exam is also one of the most important tasks. And make sure, you get the syllabus for that year in particular.
4.      List down the Study Material: Make a list of the books and the study material you are going to use for the preparation by consulting your seniors, reading interviews of the toppers and their recommendations, browsing the standard websites and their recommendations.
5.      Buy required Books: Buy the study material you made a list of.
6.      Time Table: It is a must, simple as that! You want to prepare for 2 hours a day, 4 hours a day, 10 hours a day; doesn’t matter if you don’t have a schedule.
7.      Start Preparation: Now, you will be asking, ‘What have I done till now?’ In preparation, you just have to follow the time table you made in the previous step.
8.      Regular revisions: It plays a crucial part too. Have you ever had a thought in your mind that you forget everything you learn? If yes, you are not paying attention to the revision part. Do it on a weekly basis, atleast!
9.      Pacing up with the Exam date: You must keep in mind the date of the exam. Make a plan to finish up the syllabus within one month before the exam.
10. Final Revision: Cover those topics which weighs the most in the exam first. Do not go for thorough analysis in revision part. Finish up the revision 2 days before the exam. Take an overview of those topics only in these two days which weighs the most.
Follow these steps, there is no one in this world who can stop you from getting the best result for you.

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