Sunday, February 3, 2013

EasyHow: Choice filling in Online Counselling

Online counselling has made the admission process smooth. But, it is not an easy task to participate in online counselling process. A better filling of choices can fetch you a seat in a better college and bad choice can spoil your good rank. Now the question arises, ‘How to fill the online choices in Counselling?’ There are more than many things which you should take care when you are filling choices online. This post is for the Online Counselling of premier Engineering Institutions through Central Counselling Board (CCB) or Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB) called nowadays. There are two kind of cases in general:

If your rank is moderate (10000-15000), then you can either go for a good branch in a less reputed college or you can take a ‘less than good’ branch in a highly reputed college. The benefit associated with the latter is that the option of ‘Branch Sliding’ is open for you.

First, if you want admission in a particular college, fill all the branches of that college right at the top. Even if you get an inferior branch first (not your preferred branch), don’t worry! You will get ample opportunities even after the first counselling. And not just the subsequent rounds of the counselling, you can change your branch by ‘Branch Sliding’ which is an option provided to you by your respective colleges. This option lets you change your branch on the basis of the marks you secure in the first year.

The Branch Sliding is a tough nut to crack though. You are supposed to secure good marks in your first year, if you want to get the branch of your choice. And when I say good marks, I mean to say that you need to be in the top 25 in your college if you want your wish fulfilled. This option also depends on the current strength of a branch. There should be a minimum number of students in every branch. Suppose, you have Civil Engineering at present and only 60 % of the seats in your branch are occupied and rest are vacant. If the college have a criterion of a minimum of 75% seats to be filled in every branch, then you cannot apply for Branch Sliding. Because if you do, the 60% of the seats in your branch which were filled earlier will decrease further. So, you need to be absolutely sure about it and there is always a risk associated with this option.

Second, if you want a particular branch then go for all the top colleges and fill only that branch of those colleges and fill a few inferior colleges too right at the top before filling any other branch. Obviously, if you are doing it, you are playing safe and not taking risk which is associated with branch sliding. Never fill the less reputed college before the reputed ones because it is going to spoil your chance even if you are getting the better college. Never think negative about your rank and do fill the good branches of the better colleges too. Who knows, when your luck favors you!
Do it accordingly and there is no one in this world who can stop you from getting the best results for you.

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