Saturday, October 5, 2013

EasyLearn: Design Softwares (Mechanical Engineering)

Today, designing is the backbone of any production system. The 3D modelling softwares in the market today (for instance: SolidWorks, Catia, Pro/E, AutoCAD etc) are so advanced that it is now possible to make anything you want. You can stimulate the working of the design too and see, how it goes. One good thing about the available softwares, used in industries, is that they are identical in more than many ways. So, if you learn one, you can operate any with some hands-on that software.

How to learn a Designing Software?

This, in fact, has an obvious answer: Join a Training Institute. But, this is actually not that obvious, though! You learn it today and you don’t practice it tomorrow, don’t go through the capabilities of the software; it will not take long for your training to go in vain. Actually, designing is not a cup of tea. If you have that zeal of learning a designing software, you have that thought process, imaginative power to think about models, then you should go for learning a software. But, if you want to learn a software just for the sake of learning and to elongate your resume, don’t go for it; simple as that! Lots of students ask me which software should he/her go for? This is, in fact, a very good question. Yes, I said at the start that all softwares are nearly the same, but, the user interface is a lot different. The capabilities of few softwares are better than the rest. And this is the reason why industries give preference to a few softwares only. SolidWorks and Pro/Engineering (Pro/E) are the most popular. Both softwares are capable of doing anything for you and are amazingly capable of doing almost anything.

For learning any design software, you need guidance: from a tutor or from a book.

  • Sham Tickoo’s is the best book in the market.
  • Tutorials are available on YouTube
  • Documents related to design are readily available on Scribd
  • Practice is really very important. Engineering Design books like: ND Bhatt have a lot of assemblies up for grabs.
  • Just clicking here and there in the software is really handy. It tells you the capabilities of the software and the features.
  • Help tab in the software is underrated all the time. But, in actuality, it explains all the features offered by the software and the directions regarding its use.

Learning a designing software needs your time, interest and practice. If you have that zeal in you to learn, you will succeed for sure. And believe me, it is the best dimension of Mechanical Engineering course. You will relish the time you spend learning it.

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